How We Started

We have been a leading distributor of active components in the Philippines since 1999.

We come from humble beginnings, starting out by supplying surge protection devices for the local area network (LAN) of government units and private banks, which shielded their operations from stray current in their systems.

Since then, our product portfolio has increased, as we have become a major supplier of information technology, voice and data communications system components in the country. Our products now include Point-to-Point and Point to Multi-Point Microwave Radios, Narrowband Radios, Routers, Metro Ethernet, Optical Transport Network, IP-TDM Multiplexer, Modems, IP based DSLAM which have powered the country’s major corporations and government sector.

We have grown our pre-sales and after sales businesses by providing support services such as product demonstration and proof of concept, after sales service, engineering, design and implementation. Most of the projects are done in a turnkey basis.


Who We Are Today

In the year 2000, Filipino consumers were in the thick of the internet revolution, rapidly switching to faster broadband technology from dial-up, which merely used conventional telephone lines for internet access such as TDM based network.

It was in this mood and era that BNI launched the first Internet Protocol based Digital Subscriber Line in the country that made high-speed internet connection available not just in offices, but even in homes.

In the same year 2002, we introduced the first Carried Ethernet in the country, that provides local area networks services to customers.

The shift to pioneering technologies lead to the lowering of the monthly subscription fees to the consumer market.

We ramped up our services by providing wireless access technology that established the largest electricity feeder automation system in the country, bearing over a thousand sites in different locations within the respective franchise area establishing mostly a Near or almost None-Line-of-Sight connectivity making sure that all field automation components will provide data collection, monitoring and control, hence reducing the electricity pilferages from the very first month of commercial live deployments. In 2002, we established our market research agency whose objective was to offer customized market research services and serve as a tool in growing our customer’s respective businesses in the most effective manner. In the years following after, several business units such as ACCIT, Crazie Topics, Fort Dynamics and BNI Group Talent Sourcing and Acquisition service have been established that tapped electronic consumer market, professional training resources, service provider that caters other field of communication services, and have partnered with a local installation and restoration of subscriber access network.

Where Are We Headed To

Leading the pack as the foremost active components supplier in the Philippines, BNI Group gained even more traction when we expanded our technology and product base to cover projects in the military and police, public transport services, railway, airports, manufacturing and livestock sectors.

In 2019, we started offering the push-to-talk over cellular critical network system in our services, enabling cellular phone subscribers to use their phones as walkie-talkies with unlimited range.

We also supply tactical radio manufacturers with Professional Mobile Radios (PMR) and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and tactical body-worn technology, which are both used for military and police law enforcer communications.

With over three years focus on power distribution projects, we are now expanding our reach to be a technology enabler once again as we have done in the past, and have invested to a Cloud based communication platform for Critical Communication System.

We offer on-premise or publicly implemented Cloud services to both current and potential customers delivering a secured, converge, flexible, scalable platform. Our target markets are the military, law enforcer, fire department, Local Government Unit (LGU) for their disaster coordinating management, resorts and hotels, hospitals and a lot more.

We continue to strengthen our services and design group to cater to very demanding projects in the field of telecommunications facility daily operational requirements addressing the most critical issue timely. We have launched last month the first Critical and First Responders Network, Payment Transport System, Task Management, GPS and Tracking through Fort Dynamics Secured Software Define Network technology for the police and military, logistics companies, warehouses, public transport operator, etc.

Why We Do It

The Philippine economy has regained its stronghold among its Southeast Asian neighbors, but it still has a long way to go in establishing itself as a market leader.

Being able to compete successfully within our region and throughout the world is our most fervent goal.

We strongly believe that fully functional systems within an organization trigger exponential growth and productivity for Philippine businesses.

With our diverse technical experience and expertise, we believe that our technological advancement and services will help our local businesses gain a competitive edge among global competitors . By enabling these resources, we will empower these organisations to utilize our tools to work for them.

Who We Do It For

As company that offers ICTS technology solutions and services, we know how to deal with the importance of customers needs. We listen to you and urgently deliver a solution, suited to your needs.

We cater closely to our niche markets: Information and Communication and Technology (ICTS) solutions for telecommunication operators, power and utility, hospitality and care, airport, railway, logistics, medical service, government, military and police, private and public transport and enterprise.

Does our scope seems vast? It sounds like it but it is a small and limited market niche. We like to serve customers who acknowledge our expertise and how we solves issues in a smarter way.

How We Do It

Our team of experts integrate specialties in communications, information technology and services.

We develop on-premise or cloud services to cater to market and industry that we are engage in.

We do comprehensive services, an area of our expertise that we are focus on, coupled by our technology solution and manpower. We invested heavily into telecommunications in both active, passive components, testers and tools to sustain the growing demand and needs of our market. We opt to provide this as we believe that quality of support and services will business sustain our business and growth.

Our full services is are non-traditional but they get the job done.


We do comprehensive services, it is an area of our expertise that we are focus
on that is coupled by our technology solution and manpower.


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