1. Evolved Signaling Controller Platform, Smarter Signaling, Routing and Control

Fort Dynamics Signaling Controller is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly handles signaling control and routing in 2G, 3G and 4G networks as well as the upcoming 5G network. It allows network operators to reuse capacity easily when traffic moves from legacy to modern networks, and also serves as a single replacement for solutions like signaling transfer point (STP), signaling relay point (SRP), intelligent signaling gateway (SGW), diameter routing agent (DRA) and diameter edge agent (DEA). It also includes signaling firewall functionality to protect networks from security threats.


All-in-one signaling routing

Includes STP/SRP/SGW, DRA and DEA combined functionality for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signaling.

Network security

Advanced signaling firewall functionality covering both SS7/Sigtran and diameter traffic to protect the network from security threats.

Network virtualization

Cloud-ready, platform-agnostic solution which enables core network virtualization fulfilling scalability demands. Fully compatible for example with WmWare and OpenStack.

Extensive SMS handling

Dedicated features related to the handling of SMS such as routing and screening based on SMS content, screening of SMS text, first delivery attempt, SMPP Gateway, and SMS home routing.

Number portability

The number portability feature provides full support for mobile number portability according to 3GPP standards that can either use local database or external connected over LDAP.

Steering of roaming

Steering of roaming feature enables operators the possibility to decrease roaming costs and improve roaming user experience by selecting the best visiting network in real-time.

2. Energy Trading and Risk Management

Multi-Energy-Commodity Trading, Analytics and Risk Management Platform

24/7 Cloud Service or On-Site Implementation

Looking for a cost-effective ETRM solution?

No initial license. Pay just 1 low yearly subscription fee for a license, maintenance, and upgrades. Implementation can be on-site or on a dedicated cloud. We offer 24/7 management of your ETRM model and servers. No need for on-site IT, consultants, or experts. Lightening fast cost-effective implementation. Ready for use with 50+ reports and dashboards.

DATA MANAGEMENT: Forwards. ISO. Load. SCADA. Smart grid. Meters. Weather.

TRADING: Physical and financial, front and back office. Scheduling. Logistics. Settlement.

RETAIL TRADING: Power and Gas. Front to back office. Billing. Scheduling.

ANALYTICS: Load & Price Forecast. Forward Curves. Stochastic Models. Monte Carlo.

RISK: Market, Earnings, Exposure and Credit, Regulatory, Treasury and Operational risk.

DASHBOARDS: Web and mobile trading and executive dashboards, panels, and reporting.

CLIENTS: Energy producers, distributors, consumers, refineries, traders, marketers, retailers, generators, utilities, energy co-ops & munis, hedge funds, banks.

Next Generation Dual Cloud On-site ETRM

QR ETRM is one universal software for all on-site and cloud instances. It is upgraded yearly free of charge. Your implementation is configured in a database, portable from cloud to on-site.

QR Cloud ETRM is a 24/7 shared or dedicated supercomputer platform ideal for those wanting to do away with software installation, IT infrastructure, resources, and consultants. All you need is a browser. On-site implementation is suitable for those wishing to control processes and data.

New Commercial Paradigm

Whether on the cloud or on-site, no permanent license and hefty initial license fee. Just pay 1 single yearly subscription fee for a license, maintenance, and on-going upgrades. Cost-effective speedy implementation via intuitive configuration. Select, download and customize more than 100+ templates from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud. Save years and millions. 24/7 support of your model and servers. No need for internal support.

QR Deal CaptureCapture power, gas, fuel, energy physical, retail, financial and exchange-traded transactions Rapid configuration and creation from scratch of complex trading templates with custom fields, characteristics, constraints, multiple volume and price curves, from multiple sources and timescales. Preconfigured trading templates for power and energy and commodity physical, financial and exchange-traded transactions.

Transaction life cycle management, confirmation, affirmation, actualization, and trading workflow

3. Comprehensive Security serving All Network Types and Network Management System

Our Network Management Software solution is designed to manage network elements for the telecommunications network, energy, emergency services, and government markets. It is a multi-vendor and multi-technology digital transmission network management system. This is the primary concern of NMS integration, that each vendor used to have its own network management system, and operators are faced with the complex management of different systems distributed on different platforms, hence our NMS solution offers simple solution integrating multi-vendor, multi-technology network management system.

This NMS system is the most advanced and software and has been the pinnacle of telecom network management and provisioning which enable the company to offer a very powerful Network Management Software that provides complete EML/NML/SML functionality.

This Network Management System includes full management capability from fault, configuration, administration and accounting, performance and provisioning, security, capability, auto-population of network architecture and circuit management, high throughput alarm processing and network element backup – integrated with an intelligent, high-performance database. An ISO telecommunication management network model.


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