Our tactical drone product has a long years of track record from different military forces around the globe that meet the unique demands of defence and security application and usages.

The best in this class, our VTOL tactical drone has over 100,000 hours operational deployments around the globe in harshest environment on the planet.

It is in operational use by over 20 militaries around the globe and is a key aerial asset for both special operations and conventional forces.

Our sea drone is a wave propelled unmanned surface vessels, it provide a range of services across sectors, including oil and gas, defence, offshore renewables, research and environmental.

Applications include: MetOcean, Surveillance, Marine Survey, Passive Acoustic Monitoring, Communications Gateway and Marine Life Monitoring.

Additional services include: remote operation, technical support, maintenance, training, data management and analysis.


We do comprehensive services, it is an area of our expertise that we are focus
on that is coupled by our technology solution and manpower.


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