Our MCPTT PoC Critical Communication Networks in the transport group, railway operators, airports, military and police, hospitality, medical responders among others are critical to their daily operations and internal working system, and have stringent requirements for reliability, safety, resiliency and manageability.  

These types of networks are commonly characterized as “mission critical.” However, with the technology evolution, Critical Communications Networks nowadays is  advanced and flexible enough to implement with the capability of interoperability  integration to legacy system and to mobile operators network.

We do offer an on-premise solution or an individual or group service on a per customer activation. This will allow individuals or groups to communicate instantaneously using smart PTT handheld devices. Our MCPTT is an augmentation to LMR for increasing coverage, high capacity user number that has a variety of users interface feature sets.

  • Local Government Broadband Networks Data and Voice
  • Rural Broadband Data Networks for Disaster Management
  • Fly Away Coverage Solutions
  • Mobile Network Operators Signal Extension
  • Emergency Response
  • Tactical Application 


We do comprehensive services, it is an area of our expertise that we are focus
on that is coupled by our technology solution and manpower.


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