When choosing a tactical Very High Frequency (VHF) and High Frequency (HF) radios and its application and to determine the number of systems needed in a network, we offer RF or frequency design engineering services and of course it will be based on the regulator’s allotted frequencies and location on where the radios will be utilized.

Our tactical PMR/LMR systems have huge technical advantages over similar tactical VHF systems currently used in the local military.

Our system handles radio interferences coming from the electrical equipment, digital devices, computers and other electronic equipment.

This is the reason why our tactical PMR/LMR has been the best choice in the European, African and Asian markets. Since our PMR/LMR tactical radios wavelengths are longer than other technology counterparts, they enable users to travel greater distances and pass through obstructions like walls and ceilings, and all types of interference will travel farther are among few of our technology advantages.

One of the main advantages of our tactical LMR radios is that the frequencies are not highly dependent on a line of sight environment. Our radios can detect signal interference from nearby TV stations and other radio interferences known by mankind, with such over come this noise barriers.

On an extensive range of transmission, our tactical PMR/LMR battery packs can sustain longer hours of usage and longer standby mode.

The frequencies are also assigned to various governmental agencies and the military and police, whoever wants to use our PMR/LMR system to their own benefit would have a protection from the frequency regulator, in which restricts other users from sharing the same frequency, hence our PMR/LMR radios provides secured frequency allotment. Our VF and VHF tactical Land Mobile Radios offer a wide range of military standards and certifications, and a battle-tested tactical communication system.


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