For so many years, transmissions and communications network designers and engineers only concentrates on a point to point link communication system, resulting to issues on deployment cases.  

Fibre and point-to-point (PTP) microwave no longer provide a universal solution for backhaul. Traditional techniques such as these do not offer the optimum balance of cost and performance to make an attractive business case and can be slow and cumbersome to deploy.

Maximizing innovative and highly efficient backhaul technology is essential to quickly deploy and scale sustainable next generation networks.

This has led to the rapid growth of advanced wideband Point to Multipoint microwave to be used as a dedicated backhaul network or in combination with fibre and PTP.

Leading the evolution, we offer high capacity, low latency – sub 1 msec, with guaranteed quality of service, easy and quick to deploy and align, scalable to huge network deployment, build carrier grade all new-IP networks, 2G-3G back-haul migration, industry proven and low total cost of ownership. These are a few advantages of our PMP microwave radio transmission technology  – the market leading the most technologically advanced wideband PMP solution available today.

  • Microwave P2P Radio
  • High Capacity Point to Multipoint
  • Broadband Wireless Radio
  • Narrow Band Mesh Point to Multi-point Radios for Telemetry
  • Utility Concentrator Backhaul
  • Microwave Point to Point Radios
  • Internet of Things
  • WiFi


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